PDF export from Adobe InDesign

For the PDF export from Adobe InDesign, simply use the profile set provided by us.

  1. Start Adobe InDesign
  2. Create a new document / target media «Print»
  3. Configure your desired format as given in the PDF sample file

  4. Design your project
  5. When designing, make sure you position objects correctly with a 3 mm bleed
  6. When designing, make sure you have linked all your images to your document in the correct color spaces
  7. Generate the PDF file via «File» / «Export»
  8. Select «Adobe PDF (Print)» in «Format Selection» / «Adobe PDF (Print)» and confirm with «Save»
  9. Select in «Adobe PDF Preset» your already installed export profile
  10. Under the menu item «Marks and Bleed» you have to deactivate all marks