PDF export from Affinity Publisher

  1. Start Affinity Publisher
  2. Create a new document under the tab «print-ready»
  3. Configure your desired format as specified in the PDF sample file
  4. Select the color profile «ICO-Coated v2 (ECI)» under «Color»
  5. Choose the bleed area of 3mm for the content
  6. Design your project
  7. When designing, make sure that you position objects correctly with a bleed of 3mm
  8. Generate the PDF file via «File» / «Export»
  9. Activate under the item «Area», «All Pages» and select the following settings under «More»:
    • - Dpi: 300
    • - Compatibility PDF/X-4
    • - Color space CMYK / profile ISO Coated v2 (ECI)
    • - Activate bleed area included
    • - Do NOT activate printer marks
    • - Embed fonts: All fonts (activate font subgroups)
  10. Export the PDF